Cleveland Indians Game

This post is biased. I have been an Indians fan for most of my life. Even though they usually get my hopes up after the all star break and then decide to blow it when the playoffs come around, I still support them. I would support them even more if they would keep their star players, but what do I know. Regardless of how good or bad they are, I always enjoy their games. Their cheapest tickets run $12 including fees, making it a very affordable outing.

I had the pleasure of taking Kim to her first professional baseball game on August 17th. We have been to many Fort Wayne Tin Caps games, but it’s usually for the beer. We ended up sitting directly under the scoreboard in left field, which is a bit unfortunate if you don’t actually like baseball but again, cheap tickets. We were also one section away from the guy who bangs on a drum while the Indians bat. I love the guy, but that close is a little loud. The stadium is also open to all levels, so even if you buy upper deck tickets, you can still walk down to the bottom section and get some cool pictures and if nothing else, make it look like you sat really close. It’s a nice stadium despite being in Cleveland. I kid. But really, Cleveland isn’t terribly exciting.

We met my brother and his wife, and their three kids at the park, which ended up being a 3 hour baby sitting session, but I don’t get to see them as often as I would like, so I didn’t mind at all. It was also a great reminder of why I’m not mentally prepared for children. We walked around with them a bit and checked out the kid’s clubhouse area that offers some activities specifically for kids. If you are going to take your kids to that, be prepared to not watch the game at all. Luckily we didn’t buy them anything so they were stuck with us. They did let all of the children run around the bases after the game, which was a lot of fun for me, even though Hannah refused to run and I had to carry her like a football while she giggled the whole time. It was neat to be able to actually get on the field, something I had never done before.

I couldn’t tell you a single thing about the game itself, I know we lost, really didn’t produce anything on offense and gave up a couple home runs. I had fun just eating nachos and ice cream and spending time with Kim and my family.

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