According to their site, “Wanderu.com is the simplest way to find and book inter-city bus and train travel between any two points in North America.”

I came across Wanderu while browsing travel related jobs, and while I don’t really want to move to Boston, or even have the necessary experience for most of their positions, I keep coming back to check out their progress. If you’ve ever tried to travel via public transportation for more than a short taxi or bus ride, you know how hard it can be to nail down a good itinerary. Norway’s public transit works like a well oiled machine, while Greece is hit or miss depending on the island your visiting. I’ve lived in the US for 26 years and am still not confident I could quickly book a bus trip from Fort Wayne to Indianapolis, despite it being a 2 hour drive. Wanderu restored my confidence. wanderu itineraryWanderu focuses specifically on bus and train travel. While I typically despise long bus rides, I enjoy a good train ride. America spent decades building trans-national rail lines, it’s about damn time we use them. I have a lot of hope that this app will help streamline process and make North American travel more accessible to more people.

Keep up with their progress at Wanderu.com and follow them on twitter at @GoWanderu.


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