#NationalDogDay — Pup, Up, and Away!

It’s National Dog Day, as if your furry friends don’t already assume every day is their special day. Many people don’t realize that taking your dog on vacation is ever an option. While it’s not always your best choice, sometimes it’s just better to bring them along. The wife and I are blessed with an psuedo-boarding house at her parents that allows us peace of mind and saves some us some money on taking the pup to a kennel. We are also lucky enough to own a long haired miniature dachshund, that is in theory, small enough for us to carry on to a plane. So what is there to know about flying with animals? Well, quite a bit. Like most things, rules and regulations will vary from airline to airline. Below are some links to the pet information pages for several major airlines.

Delta: Pet Travel Options

American Airlines: Traveling With Pets

United Airlines: Traveling With Pets

Southwest Airlines: Pet Policies

JetBlue: JetPaws

Alasaka Airlines: Traveling With Pets

Aeromexico: Pets On Board

Spirit Airlines: Pet FAQ

Those are the top 10 airlines based on enplaned passengers in 2015. For information on additional airlines, a quick search for “AIRLINE NAME + PET POLICIES” will typically yield a helpful result. Stay furry, my friends!


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