2 Days in Switzerland

On our brief parade through the Southern Germany region, we made a quick hop over to Switzerland to see what’s going on over there. First impression: Beautiful. Second impression: Expensive. We really only had two days check things out, and we were based out in Zurich, so our options were a little limited. This was the day after the Paris bombings, and a few days after one of our friends found out they were pregnant, so they opted out of hiking and spent some time figuring out how to not be in Paris two days later and still get home without screwing up our flights.

Kim and I busted out of the apartment and struggled through highways and tunnels of dropped GPS to make our way to Gimmelwald. I had zero expectations for Switzerland, but man was this place gorgeous. We were there in the off season, so it wasn’t terribly crowded, but a few shops and cafes were still open. We weren’t entirely sure where to park or even what to do once we got there so we just kind of made it up along the way. We ended up parking in Lauterbrunnen and walking the length of the valley to the gondola up to Gimmelwald. It was an easy, flat hike through farmland, but honestly your probably better driving over and parking by the gondola. Normally we would hike up, but we were pressed for time with our friends hanging out back at the Airbnb. We ended up paying for tickets up, and the views were worth every penny.


The following day we spent a few hours wandering around Lucerne, where we quickly learned how expensive it is to live there. I’m talking $12 Starbucks and $20 Big Mac combos. This is where gas station deli’s quickly become your best friend. That was it for Switzerland… we wanted to take a train up to Rigi, but it was going to be close to $75/person, and we weren’t keen on spending two days budget on that. I do recommend driving toward Interlaken and seeing Gimmelwald, as that was the highlight of Switzerland for us.


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