Traveling Rule of Two

This has nothing to do with Sith lords, or even you travel partners for that matter. If you can follow this simple rule, you’ll find that you are able to fit a little bit more into your trips and save yourself a little bit of stress in the process.

The Traveling Rule of Two says that when visiting a specific town or city, give yourself a minimum of 2 nights in the same location.Maybe you just really enjoy where you are now and don’t want to leave quite so early. I’ve also been on enough trips now to know that one night is not enough. There are a lot of variables that you sometimes can’t account for while traveling like flight/bus/train delays or just plain getting lost. A lot of our trips revolve around full day hikes, and often times we have to adjust our schedules to avoid rain. Having two nights gives you the flexibility to arrive late the first night, and still have up to two more days to see a place. You could also stretch that to be nearly 3 full days if you find you really like it there. Renting a car makes this process a lot easier, but it also works well in cities with reliable public transit as well.

Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule, like when you are flying in late and plan to leave the next morning, or cross country road trips. If you find yourself with an extra day squeezed into your trip, I suggest seeing if you can add that to an existing location and take that as a stress free, catch up on sleep day. Remember, it’s a two night MINIMUM. Some places are just two big for two nights, so don’t rush yourself. Everyone has their own styles and preferences, but I highly recommend you take this into consideration when booking your next trip!

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