Europe Pack List

Backpacking around Europe is every young traveler’s dream. I’m finally getting to do it, and here are a few things I plan to take with me:

1. GoPro – As a video geek, I need to have some sort of proof of all the cool things I see and do. These cameras are insanely easy to use and have waterproof housing that I fully intend to use in Greece. Extra batteries and SDHC cards are a must.

2. iPod Shuffle – Nowadays, everyone keeps their music on their phones. That’s great, unless you have no international minutes and plan on hiking. It takes up a fraction of the space, and I won’t have to worry about my phone getting destroyed.

3. Vibram Five Fingers – These versatile shoes are great for casually walking around cities or climbing on rocks or swimming in the Aegean Sea. They look weird, but it’s as close to barefoot as you can get.

4. North Face Hiking Shoes – But wait– What about those toe shoes? Yeah they are great, but for some intense hiking in the Fjords of Norway, I prefer some support and a bit more warmth.

5. Travel Adapter – Don’t get stuck with all your favorite tech and nothing to charge it with. This model is not the prettiest, but it worked perfectly in Kuwait and I don’t foresee any issues in Europe. Luckily everything charges via USB, and Airbnb hosts are likely to be able to help you out.

6. Chase Sapphire Preferred Card – No international fees and a boatload of travel rewards points.

7. Swim Shorts – I know no one needs help remembering to pack clothes, but this is your reminder to have fun and relax on the beach.

8. Eddie Bauer Internal Frame Backpack – Got this guy for Christmas a few years ago and it’s been great for hiking, camping, climbing, etc… It is a little heavier than a regular backpack, but the added comfort and convenience is worth it to me.

Unfortunately I will not be able to bring my MacBook Pro as I’m looking to save as much space as possible, but I definitely be using my phone on Wifi.

Have suggestions? Let me know what you travel with in the comments.

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