Bag Essentials


Graf & Lantz Backpack

My travel essentials:

1. Travel toothbrush: I rarely bring toothpaste… you can usually find it free.

2. Extension pole for the GoPro

3. Samsung Galaxy SIII (Android FTW)

4. Shocktop sunglasses

5. GoPro Hero 3 Black: I NEVER go on a trip without it.

6. SD card: Rarely needed, but smaller and lighter than a USB drive.

7. Fitbit Charge HR: Great for tracking your activities!

8. Wallet sleeve: No-fold = small.

9. MacBook Pro: If there is one thing I leave, it’s this. It’s a space hog.

10. iPod shuffle: Smaller is better.

11. Passport: You never know when things could go international.

12. Keys: The car won’t drive itself!

Not pictured: Canon t5i (used for taking the pictures)

2 thoughts on “Bag Essentials

    1. Nice add! My phone has an extended battery that typically lasts 3-4 days on a full charge. We also do our best to drop the phones as much as possible but could come in handy to charge the GoPro!

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