The Perfect Travel Coat For All Your Travel Gear

Image via Kickstarter
Image via Kickstarter

Currently making it’s rounds across major travel sites, the BauBax line of jackets is a godsend to people traveling on a budget. Days after WOW air announced their inexpensive flights from the East Coast to Europe, this coat is exactly what we need. WOW keeps their fares at rock bottom by making every hint of luxury an a la carte menu. With an allocated 11lbs/person allowed in a carry on bag, these coats could make the weight limit inconsequential for a lot of travelers. The pockets are designed with travelers in mind with features specifically for passports, headphones, sunglasses, and mobile devices. It even has a built in inflatable neck pillow, with an eye cover built into the hood. The sleeves hide gloves, and the zipper functions as a pen and stylus. Head to the Kickstarter page for more info and save big by backing early!


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