“Once In A Lifetime” Opportunites Are The Worst

The phrase “once in a lifetime opportunity” gets thrown around all the time in the travel industry. It might honestly be one of the most effective selling phrases out there, but it’s also one of the saddest. Events can be once in a lifetime simply because we can only ever be in a place at an exact date and time once, but destinations and experiences should never be considered as such.

It’s great that people have the desire to get out and do something that they’ve never considered or ever even thought possible, but it should only ever be the beginning. Aside from old age, there isn’t a lot out there that isn’t attainable with a little bit of effort and sometimes a big leap of faith. Money is the number one excuse for why people don’t travel. I get it, it’s nice to have money. Money can buy things, but things aren’t worth a dime when it comes to life experience. If something is a once in a lifetime opportunity and simply must be experienced, there is no reason that it shouldn’t be experienced again. I’m not saying that you should always go to the same places or do the same things as I think it leads to cultural complacency but you certainly should not limit yourself to once in your lifetime. It puts an added stress on your trip when you

I encourage you to stop thinking “once in a lifetime” and start believing in “first in my lifetime”. The world is a big place, I dare you to see for yourself.

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