Fuel Your Wanderlust With TapDeck For Android

Cell phone storage space is a hot commodity these days, but if you are a traveler or just like inspiring photos, TapDeck needs to be on your phone. TapDeck is a seamless experience that allows you to see the world with a double tap of your home screen. One second you’re looking at the Eiffel Tower but then *tap tap* you’re on a beach in the Maldives. After a quick account set up, set your interests and you are on your way to discovery. Android doesn’t even require you to open the app on start up, so it gets to work faster than you do. See an image that you just have to know more about? Swipe up on your home screen to learn more. From there, you can even drop that picture to a friend on a Facebook. It’s an easy way to send some travel ideas to the globetrotter in your life. If you happen to forget how easy it is to double tap the screen, TapDeck now enables you to set a timer that will automatically change your background at various intervals.

TapDeck App- Free in the Google Play Store

Swipe up to learn more; drop to share with a friend.
Swipe up to learn more; drop to share
Home screen view.
Double tap for new image
TapDeck 1
Home screen


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