Rothenburg, Germany

Recently I was reading Travel & Leisure’s list of most romantic cities and was a bit disappointed that this didn’t make the cut. It’s located along Bavaria’s Romantic Road for heaven’s sake! Ok, so the Romantic Road was more of a marketing ploy than anything, but it’s quaint towns and Disney-inspiring castles do make for a lovely road trip.

“Downtown” Rothenburg

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is easily the most recognizable medieval stops along the way, and that’s precisely why we chose it. Having come Munich, it was nice to see some smaller towns and see a bit more of the traditional German experience. We tend to travel in the off-season as a way of saving money, and this was no exception. The town was a week or two away from jumping into the full Christmas swing, but there was still plenty to see and do.

Kathe Wolfahrt Christmas Store

Entering the historic part of town is an experience in and of itself as you pull through the gates of as if you were back in medieval times arriving on official business from the Royal Family. It’s not the same in a Ford Fiesta, but it’s still pretty neat. The entire city is surrounded by walls, so be sure to take some time and walk the ramparts. Sunset is a great time to catch great views of the city and the surrounding landscapes in some gorgeous light.

Postcard Square in Rothenburg

Not far into the town you enter through another gate at the foot of the White tower, which feeds you into “postcard square” which is the most recognizable view of the town. The town center is just a few blocks past and hosts the local festivals, and is a great place to kill some time watching people or pigeons, whichever you fancy. Just off the town square is Kathe Wolfahrt, home of CHRISTMAS ALL THE FREAKING TIME! I’m only half kidding, as it is the market leader of German Christmas Items. It really is a must see, when visiting the town.

It really is pretty small, so it’s not hard to find a hotel, pick a local pub, and savor the medieval goodness!

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