International Power Adapters

As Kim and I were doing a test run of packing our 11lb carry on bags for our Eurotrip in November, we realized that neither of us could find our travel adapter. This has led me into a long search for a good international power adapter. Previously we’ve used an old Dynex one from best buy, but the times are changing and I think it’s time to make sure that the next one we purchase has built in USB ports, because I’m tired of bringing extra gear and bulking up the pockets of my bags. One thing that is important to keep in mind is that there are a lot of sockets out there, and there is no international standard. has a helpful guide that can help you choose the right adapter for your trip. If you are like me, you’ll be wanting to find the most comprehensive adapter possible for the best price so be sure to price check across eBay and Amazon to make sure you’re getting the best deal. I’m extremely picky so I’ll be sure to update this with whatever I land on, but here are some of the best deals I’ve come across so far:

Kensington International Travel Adapter with Dual USB Ports – $20
This guy is the full package, self contained with the bonus of USB ports built in, so no need to bring your own. At $20, it’s a little more than some others out there, but if you use it on more than a couple trips you’ve definitely justified the cost.

aLLreLi® 34W / 6.8A 4 Port Portable USB Wall Charger – 6
This goes against everything I’ve said about having to bring along the extra plugs, but with 4 USB ports, it’s hard not to like it.

US UK EU AU Universal Adapter: $5.26. This is more of what I have in mind, combining the most options, in a sleek package, at an affordable price.

BESTEK® Portable International Travel Voltage Converter – $43
If money and space are no concern, this guy takes the cake. It converts voltage, and comes with a slew of adapters for your country of choice. 3 outlets and 4 USB ports make it tough to beat.

There are an endless amount of options out there, let me know in the comments if you’ve got a preferred plug.





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