Revolution In User Thinking – RiutBag

Let’s be honest, there is a lot of fear mongering that goes into marketing travel products. Anti-theft, RFID-blocking, passport-protecting, blah, blah, & blah. I never pay much attention to it because I honestly believe you are more likely to get mugged wearing ridiculous products that scream “TOURIST”. However, after spending many hours talking to someone about to embark on their first international excursion, this is a real concern for a lot of people.

Enter: RiutBag. A beautiful answer to the “will they unzip my backpack while I’m in line?” question. RiutBag moves the zippers from the back of the pack to the inside facing your back, leaving a seamless bag that deters those pesky zip-snatchers. Not only is this back practical, it’s an awesome design and would look good anywhere. I’ll end up with one for the design alone.

The 10 litre bag runs around $90 while the 15 litre bag comes in just over $100, but offers more space and two water bottle holders on the sides. I love the sleekness of the 10l bag, though honestly, the water bottle holders look awesome and you’ll want those when traveling.

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