Explore The World From Your Couch

The internet is a pretty amazing thing. It allows us to connect with anyone, any time, from nearly anywhere in the world. One company is taking this connection one step further. Chicago based Georama is taking global tourism to a whole new level by enabling people to join live tours from the comfort of their own home. While I will always encourage you to just go see it for yourself, these tours are a great way to learn about specific destinations before you visit. I first came across Georama when the Pure Michigan team was giving a live tour of Mackinaw Island. It was incredible to see how many people tuned in, and how interactive the guide was. A built in chat feature allows you to communicate in real time with the guide, as well as the other “tourists” on the trip.

You might be wondering what sets this apart from platforms like Periscope and Meerkat and easily the biggest difference is the quality in which the tours are executed. This isn’t someone live streaming their dog on the couch (though you can follow me on Periscope if you’re into that) these are tour guides that know what they are talking about. During the several tours I sat in on, It never once dropped connection and the video quality has been phenomenal. Pure Michigan has been utilizing this tech extremely well and I’m excited to see it spread to other U.S. markets. There are currently tour guides across several continents. You can follow a favorite tour guide or you can hop around from country to country like I do. Don’t want to pay to send your kid on a college visit to that school they really don’t want to go to anyways? Campuses are starting to give live tours on the Georama platform. It’s genius.

I encourage you to check it out and maybe you can quell your wanderlust until your next vacation. See a destination that catches your eye? Let me know and I’ll help get you there.

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