The Ultimate Travel Tent: Crua Hybrid

You can find this tent on Kickstarter, where you can back the product and snag a hefty discount on the Crua Hybrid tent before they launch on the website at Ships worldwide.

There are few things in this world more relaxing than disconnecting from our digital lives and spending time in nature and one of the best ways to do this is to go camping. It’s something fun, easy, and affordable that anyone can do. All you need is the right equipment. What’s the right equipment you ask? It all starts with a good tent.

I need to camp on this beach.
The Crua Hybrid by Crua Outdoors

Last year I wrote about an Irish company that was making waves in the tent industry with Thermo Tents, the first acoustically and thermally insulated tents. They ran several successful crowdfunding campaigns and I’m happy to say they are back with a new product. If the Thermo Tent was lacking in any one category, it was definitely portability. Geared toward longer term campsites and even disaster relief areas, the tents were built to withstand weather and keep you warm and dry. What I love about the new Crua Hybrid tent is that it is one of the most versatile, packable tents on the market.

Quality Construction + Diverse Function
Quality Construction + Diverse Function

The Crua Hybrid brings together several separate camping elements and pulls them into the ultimate piece of camping equipment. At roughly 7lbs, this tent packs a lot of gear into a portable package. One of the best parts of exploring the wilderness is finding that unexpected grove of trees, or the perfect patch of grass under the stars where it’s just you and the great outdoors. With the Crua Hybrid, you can pitch your tent just about anywhere you can imagine. It works like a normal tent on the ground, or you can suspend it between two trees like a hammock. All you need is a good book, and you are set.

Who needs flat ground?
Who needs flat ground?

That’s not all! The tent also features a built in sleeping bag and insulated mattress, cutting the need for extra gear into shreds. No more jugging all of your gear on the way down to the campsite. The mattress and sleeping bag are detachable for both comfort and convenience. You won’t be tethered to your bed, and you can (and probably should) wash them after an extended stay in the boonies. Yes, the Hybrid is designed for a single person, but the beauty of this product is that it truly is a Hybrid, and it is designed to attach to other Hybrids. Making these the perfect tents for solo travelers as well as couples and even families. Made out from highly hydrophobic rip-stop nylon and aircraft-grade aluminum, this tent is built to last.

Tent includes insulated mattress and built in sleeping bag!
Tent includes insulated mattress and built in sleeping bag!

After having camped several times this past year in a normal tent, I can safely say that these things are going to change the way people camp. There have been tents that hang from trees, and there have been tents that connect together, but nothing comes close to the quality and versatility of the Crua Hybrid.

Sometimes one picture is not enough.
Sometimes one picture is not enough.

16 thoughts on “The Ultimate Travel Tent: Crua Hybrid

  1. greetings-
    i’m a touring cyclist would be using the cua hybrid under these circumstances
    what is the stuffsack size, including aluminum poles?
    what is the sleeping bag fill?

    thanks for your help.


    david merkel

    1. Working on finding that out for you. I don’t have experience cycling more than to the park, how do you typically bring equipment? Is it strapped to the bike or do you wear a pack?

        1. David, they just got back to me and they have updated the kickstarter FAQ at the bottom of the page. To answer your question, this is what it says
          “It all packs into 2 x attachable bags.
          Bag 1 for the Tent/Hammock and mattress is approx 20 inch x 9 inch diameter
          Bag 2 for sleeping bag is approx 12 inches x 6 inch diameter
          These can be carried individually or clipped together
          Longest pole is 14 inches (approx 40 cm)”
          Hope that helps!

          1. Yes that should not be an issue, I would just be mindful of the poles, as they could stress the fabric on the compression sack.

    1. The outer shell is constructed with hydrostatic head of 5000mm, I’m not sure if that is the same for the groundsheet. The bottom of the Kickstarter page has an “ask a question” button with the FAQ. They guys over there are working full tilt on this at the moment but have been very responsive and they should be able to get that information for you!

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