A booking favorite: Skyscanner

As frequent travelers, my wife and I are constantly checking flight prices. For the longest time I would stick to sites like Kayak and Expedia, and then compare them to prices on airline sites. Kim has always insisted on using Skyscanner. After booking our next trip to Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii using Skyscanner, I can safely say it is my new go-to site for booking. While I’ll still encourage you to compare flight prices with the airline’s site, I can safely say you will not find any car rentals cheaper than through Skyscanner. Prices were consistently 30-50% cheaper for car rentals through Skyscanner than Kayak. You can also book hotels, but I’m a big fan of Airbnb for accommodations abroad.

If you have a travel rewards card, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred, that doesn’t charge for international purchases, make sure to check a few different currencies before booking. We were able to save an additional few dollars per booking by finding a favorable exchange rate. When you go to actually book, it’s not a bad idea to clear your cache or use a private browser as they do track your browsing patterns and it may affect your rates. If you don’t have any concrete plans, you can always set some alerts and book when the time and prices are right!

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